The American healthcare system is often rated as having one of the worst healthcare systems in the industrialized world. This is in large part due to the lack of access to healthcare for millions of Americans, the forced rationing of prescription medicine, the hundreds of thousands of Americans that go bankrupt every year due to medical debt and the tens of thousands of Americans that die every year due to a lack of access to adequate healthcare, etc. Every study and every rating points to one solution: Medicare for All. As such, I will fight to pass Medicare for All through the House of Representatives and ensure every American has access to the healthcare they need.


Between the increasing costs of living and stagnant wages, it is increasingly difficult to afford housing. This has only been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic as almost 600,000 Americans are homeless and millions face eviction. If elected, I intend to solve this crisis by proposing legislation based on Vienna’s social housing program which was implemented a century ago and is still in place today, making Vienna one of the most affordable cities in Europe.


The record-breaking droughts, heat waves, and forest fires we face in California every year are clear signs of the destruction climate change is causing and this is only the beginning. If we want to mitigate the damage climate change could do, we need to address its causes now. This is why I support the Green New Deal as it would comprehensively address the causes of climate change, rebuild our infrastructure, and create millions of jobs for Americans in the process.


Starting in the 1990s, there was a push to get more Americans to go to college and this coincided with college prices skyrocketing to where they are today. This has left millions of Americans who were pressured into going to college now in massive amounts of debt. To resolve this debt crisis and end the cause of it, I support forgiving student debt and instituting free tuition for all public universities, community colleges, and public trade schools.


Universal Basic Income (or UBI) is a proposal to ensure that every American has some form of income, and this plan has many merits to it. It has been implemented in countries such as Finland and in cities and states in the United States such as Stockton and Alaska. The results have been overwhelmingly positive as people are better able to afford what they need. As such, if elected I will fight for a national UBI to ensure every American can afford their basic necessities.


I recognize both the necessity of having a police force as well as the harm the police in their current iteration have done to Americans, especially Americans of color. As such, I believe that we need to institute a wide variety of reforms to ensure that American communities are both safe and able to trust in law enforcement again. These reforms include demilitarizing the police, increasing police training, taking certain responsibilities off the backs of the police and handing them off to specialized groups, increasing the salaries of police officers, eliminating qualified immunity, and more.


When the Civil War ended, slave owners were given money for the “loss of property”. Former enslaved people, however, were never compensated for the horrors they were put through and many descendants are still stuck in poverty today due to the lack of support for the freed black people who were afterwards subjected to Jim Crow. Furthermore, between the Covid stimulus and UBI experiments, there is a clear link between giving people money and that money stimulating the economy and helping people struggling to make ends meet in the process. As such there is both a moral and economic reason to ensure that descendants of slaves are rewarded the cash equivalent to 40 acres and a mule as that was promised to formerly enslaved people near the end of the Civil War and was never followed through on.