About Mark Gorman

The area that makes up California’s 6th Congressional District is an area that means a lot to me. I grew up in Folsom and Rancho Cordova, attending Sutter Middle School and graduating Folsom High School in 2015. Even after graduating, I spent 3 years studying political science at Folsom Lake College, only leaving the area to continue my studies at Seton Hall University and coming back every opportunity I had.

In my time in the community, I have gotten to know many people and see the struggles some of them have gone through including my own family. My dad was disabled before I was born due to a head injury sustained in a motorcycle accident and my mom works in the workers compensation industry. As such, we struggled to make ends meet at times and we got to see front and center the failures of the American healthcare system. I also have friends who are struggling with student loan debt and covering the expenses of college but know that they do not have viable alternatives.

I have met and gotten to know many people who are struggling with healthcare, housing, education, and more. This is what motivated me to run for Congress as I believe that this community should be represented by someone who understands the hardships people in the community go through.